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Welcome to Newbury Veterinary Clinic! 

Veterinarian Wanted Newbury, VT:

Small animal hospital in Newbury, VT seekinga Full-Time Associate Veterinarian to join our practice. Candidates should have Surgical and Dental experience. This offer includes a generous base salary and paid vacation. Some Saturdays is a must. To apply please send resumes to jessicalocke0812@gmail.com 









Hi everyone -- News about our schedule in the coming weeks of living with (and hopefully without) COVID-19:

Beginning March 30, we will be temporarily changing our hours to 8 am to 4 pm Monday through Friday and 9 am to noon on Saturday.

As of this writing (May 2), Governor Scott is starting a slow roll-out of normal services. So far, we are NOT included in that category, even though we ARE considered "essential." The Board of Veterinary Medicine and the Office of Professional Regulation in Vermont have stated that we are only to provide "treatment of veterinary emergencies, procedures necessary to avoid unjustifiable suffering, procedures necessary to secure the public health or avoid animal contagion..." We have had specific instructions NOT to perform annual wellness exams, vaccines, or routine spays and neuters.

For sick/emergency visits, we're offering curbside concierge service where we go to your car, take your pet's history, and then bring your pet inside while you wait outside. We'll do the exam, come outside if we have questions or to discuss options, and bring your pet back to your car for you. Most of the time, the doctor will either come to your car herself at the end of the appointment or will write notes that will show up at the bottom of your invoice detailing the findings and plan.

If your animal has a problem that needs attention now but can be handled over the phone or through the exchange of information and photos via email, we will do that. There is a charge for telemedicine consultations. Our email address is newburyvetclinic@gmail.com

If you are an established client who needs flea and tick medicine or who uses heartworm protection every season, we will absolutely get those for you without you having to bring your pet with you. If you need refills on other medicines, we will quite likely refer you to our online pharmacy if it's something that can wait a few days to be delivered by mail. We can also fill prescriptions and take your credit card payment over the phone. We have a box outside the front door where you can pick up your pet's medicine. Finally, some medicines we can call in to human pharmacies.

We are not able to offer our usual boarding services. However, if you have a medical emergency yourself and do not have anyone else who can care for your pet, we can accept emergency boarders. This is the ONLY circumstance in which we can board animals.

Especially because we know the virus is being spread within local communities without any known direct contact with a sick person, we are trying to be as careful as we can to protect our clients and ourselves.

As soon as we are allowed to begin normal operations, including wellness exams and spay/neuter surgeries, we will. Please call us if news comes out that the business re-start-up has been expanded to include veterinarians. Unfortunately, our computer software won't generate a list of all of the appointments we have had to re-schedule, so we will need you to call us to make those appointments. As soon as we have news that we are able to begin, we will post that here and on Face Book.

Check with your town clerk to see if they have extended the deadline for licensing and rabies vaccines in your town; some have done so. If yours has not and your pet is due for rabies, please call us.

For more information about how COVID-19 is affecting veterinary services in Vermont, please see the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association's informational webpage.


Your pet cannot get or give you corona virus COVID-19!



We at NVC have always placed a high value on cleanliness and we will continue to take not only our normal hygiene procedures, but redouble our efforts on all fronts.


For more information about COVID-19 and its affects on people and pets, we recommend the following websites:

FAQs for pet owners from the American Veterinary Medical Association

COVID-19 information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control

World Organization for Animal Health information on COVID-19 and pets

CDC handwashing poster


Newbury Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary Services for Dogs and Cats


Newbury Veterinary Clinic offers wellness exams, vaccinations and routine preventive care such as heartworm testing and deworming for dogs and cats.

In addition, we offer bloodwork and diagnostic services for ill pets and as a part of routine preventive care in ageing pets. We have in-house X-ray and laboratory services, as well as our own surgery suite. We can provide spay-neuter surgeries, routine dental cleanings and dental services, and other soft-tissue surgical services, including tumor removals. Newbury Veterinary Clinic also provides behavioral consultation appointments to help manage problem behaviors.

We pride ourselves in providing care tailored to the lifestyle you share with your pets. From your first visit and planning for your pet's routine health care to making decisions as your pet age's, our aim is to tell you what options are available to you and your pet so that you can make the choice that is most reasonable for you. At the end of life, we offer private cremation services and can assure you that the utmost care has been taken in every aspect of the process and that your pet has been treated with respect, gentleness, and kindness.

For those whose schedules don't always allow them to make it to the clinic to pick up prescriptions, who don't always have transportation available, who can't drive after dark or in the winter weather, or who simply like the convenience of having their medicines and food delivered to their home, we now offer an online pharmacy where you can be in control of ordering and refilling your pet's medications on your schedule. online pharmacy button The pharmacy is linked to your email so you can either create an account and log on and send us a prescription and ask us to approve it or we can add a prescription for you. In either case, you'll get an email confirming that we've approved a prescription and then you can complete the online process by actually placing your order. The email will say it is from Newbury Veterinary Clinic, let you know that the prescription is ready to order, and have a "shop now" button that you can click on.

You can order over-the-counter and prescription products such as




If you have any problems or questions with the sytem please call us and let us know -- we'd love your feedback on this new feature!


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We are located in Newbury, Vermont, about a mile north of the Common on the west side of Route 5.

We are accepting appointments for both familiar and new patients and their owners. Evening and Saturday appointments are available.




Open hours are:

  • Monday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Tuesday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Wednesday 8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Thursday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Saturday 9 a.m. - noon
  • Call us at 802-866-5354 to make an appointment.

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Watch this webpage for more information about us and our services!


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