Newbury Veterinary Clinic

Newbury Veterinary Clinic


3890 Route 5 North
Newbury VT 05051
(802) 866-5354

Whatever your pet's age and medical status, the doctors and staff at Newbury Veterinary clinic can help guide you through the maze of preventive care and treatment options to find the choices that make the most sense for you and your pet. Our goal is to help you keep your pet as healthy as possible and, should your pet ever beome ill or need medical care, to inform you of the options available to care for your pet.

Every treatment option has its own balance of short- and long-term benefits, as well as investments of time, emotions, and finances. Every pet and every owner has different tolerance levels for each of these factors. Different owners might make different decisions in similar situations, and one owner might make different decisions for different pets. If you have any questions about recommendations for your pet, please call us.

Some of the products that Newbury Veterinary Clinic carries for routine preventive health for pets include the following:

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